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Luxury suite sale

Recreation area

    • private beach
    • two swimming pools
    • tennis court
    • weight room
    • playground

Real estate in Crimea

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Unique location of a recreational complex ‘NEPTUNE CENTRE’

Between Yalta and Foros, in Beregovoe, one of the most beautiful places of the Crimean Southern Coast, the building of a new real estate object -unique recreational complex ‘NEPTUNE CENTRE’ - is being held. Your new luxury suite in Crimea may become a favorite place to spend a vacation for you and your family all year long.

Being situated on the shore of a picturesque bay amongst the pines and juniper groves, ‘NEPTUNE CENTRE’ is safely protected from the annoying noise and rush of the seaside cities.

The shoreline near the complex is fringed with two capes; that is why even in the windiest weather the sea at the beach is calm and clean.

The unique combination of coniferous and deciduous trees creates in the bay’s environs a zone of a pure medicinal air, ideal for health improvement and family repose. The rich vegetation of the mountain slopes, warm sea and the Southern sun create special temperature conditions, which fills the air with the mixture of wood phitoncydes and ions of sea-water.



The environs of the ‘NEPTUNE CENTRE’ - a traveler’s dream

Luxury suite is a special type of Crimean real estate. When you go to the Black Sea, what you need is a confidence in having a comfortable vacation.

‘NEPTUNE CENTRE’ is being built afar from the overloaded Crimean routes. From the Yalta-Sevastopol route there is a comfortable access road to the complex. Only in a few minutes you can reach Yalta or Foros, the most Southern place in Crimea. Thanks to this your vacation would be diverse and comfortable - each day you may dedicate your ‘non-bathing’ time to visiting various places of interest of the Crimean Southern Coast, a night Yalta’s embankment, singing fountains of Mishor, vine cellars of Massandra and Maharach, walk on the legendary rock Iphigenia, the beauty saved by the goddess Artemis and now caught in stone. Not so far from your luxury suite there will be a ‘Paradise’ in Foros with its six lakes, the united cascade of which is decorated with centennial cypress, yews, redbuds and cedars.

Only several kilometers would separate your Crimean luxury suite from the olden park and palace in Alupka, where you can plunge into the atmosphere of grandeur and calmness of the hand-made paradise at the foot of the Crimean Mountains on the background of Ai-Petri. If you wish you may take an opportunity to take a short trip by the aerial ropeway in Mishor or by the horse or camels in the mountains, take a walk in the beech grove or to descend into the Icy Cave in the real speleological gear.

In mere few minutes after the breakfast you may be visiting the aqua-park situated not far from the Big Yalta’s pearl - Simeiz. Walks on the relic juniper groves, and the views of the sea coast from the mount Koshka will give you the opportunities to take a breath of a smell of health, freedom and lightness.

And in the winter time lots of other surprises are waiting for you: you can spend a wonderful time skiing and riding snowmobiles at Ai-Petri where the snow lies from October till April.

And to addition to that you will know that you own a real estate in Crimea as once people of the most famous Russian families did. You will become their neighbor, separated from them only with time.


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