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Alupka: grandeur and calmness

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Alupka: grandeur and calmness

People settled here long time ago and from the beginning called the place consonant to the Greek word “alepu” (a fox). Truly, the sight of a settlement when looking from the sea side resembles a great stone fox with the grand Ai-Petri on the background. In XIV century here was Genoese colony military port Lupiko, later - Tatar village. In 1828-48 in Alupka count Vorontsov built his palace. At that very time there was founded a park, where more than 200 kinds of plants from America, China and Mediterranean countries were brought. Artificial ponds, hills and fountains were created.

Everyone who comes to Crimea for vacation visits Alupka. A great number of tourists find a day in their vacation time to come here again to admire the look of Vorontsovskiy palace and outstanding unique park. Even in the hottest day it is cool here and easy to breathe, the sea surface looks bluer in contrast with the famous white Alupka lions on the Southern front of the palace. It is a favorite place for the tourists to take a picture.

Alupka is really a mountain settlement: houses are built literally one above the other. Narrow streets between the houses here stretch along the shore or climb on steps.

Nevertheless it doesn’t feel tight here. Nowadays Alupka develops as a tourist settlement: new mansions, hotels, shops and restaurants are being built. On the estimation of a local press last year in Alupka the housing was the cheapest, but in 2007 service improved so much that many real estate lease proposals compete with that of Haspra.

In an hour and a half of unhurried walking from Alupka lies Simeiz, where one can dive with a gear, climb rocks and enjoy the water amusement park.

And in 15 kilometers to the West lies settlement Beregovoe, where there are luxury suites on sale in the recreational complex “Neptune Centre”.

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