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Luxury suite sale

Recreation area

    • private beach
    • two swimming pools
    • tennis court
    • weight room
    • playground

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Luxury suites – new Crimean real estate segment

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Luxury suites – new Crimean real estate segment

Looking today at the Crimean Southern coast one can see building cranes everywhere. Crimea is under development now. Alongside with residential houses, cottage settlements and the whole complexes, market proposes new kind of real estate in Crimea which is luxury suites. As a rule, it is a highly comfortable housing, which is usually purchased not only as a place to spend summer vacation.

This kind of real estate is remarkable for being usually managed by a management company. The company may use luxury suite while the owner is away, providing income by letting it on lease.

Elite luxury suites in Crimea have certain characteristics: proximity to the sea or park zone, availability of it’s own beach, attractive landscape, ecological advantages; enclosed and guarded territory; unique architecture; high comfort level; parking, convenient driveway. It is also important to have enclosed social infrastructure, which means availability of first-aid post, gymnasium, swimming pool, sauna, restaurant, laundry, nursery room, recreational services. In luxury suite complexes in obligatory way have systems of autonomic heating system; central air-conditioning system with climactic-control option; emergency diesel generator; water supply is often from an artesian well. Plus technical equipment of apartments and luxury suites - satellite TV, dedicated line for Internet etc.

As a rule, luxury suite complexes are built by individual projects, architecture must fit to the complicated landscape of the Crimean coast.

Panel technology is no longer used for building luxury suite complexes - they are built with monolithic carcass with brick, shell rock or foam concrete infilling. Houses are usually commissioned without final refinement (walls ready for plastering), also modular layout design, which allows horizontal and vertical room junction.

Thus, luxury suite purchase delivers owner from concern for taking care of rooms and territory in his absence. That is one of the advantages of this kind of real estate in Crimea.

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