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    • private beach
    • two swimming pools
    • tennis court
    • weight room
    • playground

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Purchasing luxury suite on the CSC

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Purchasing luxury suite on the CSC

The real estate was always considered the highest material value for a person, and also the most profitable money investment. Each year the demand for Crimean real estate grows. People of medium and high income are getting used to a new feeling of comfortable accommodation and surely want to spend their vacation with comfort. Out-of-town people buy luxury suites in Crimea mostly for spending vacation there, and also as money investment.

Various companies nowadays propose more than 25 luxury suite projects in Crimea, including that of the CSC cities - Yalya, Partenit, Gurzuf and Alushta. The majority of them have full service complex and are situated in appealing places: close to the sea shore, park zone or city centre.

Elite housing on the CSC is rather popular, despite the fact that the price for the sq. meter of the elite housing rises during the building process. That is why it is more profitable to invest money as early as possible for many apartments are bought on the groundwork stage.

At present the price for 1 sq. meter in the buildings under construction starts with $ 1350 and the average price is $ 2000-5000 which is comparable with that of the city centre in Kiev.

According to the Ukrainian and Russian press estimations, the perspectives of such Crimean real estate market segment as luxury suite is limited only by the lack of spare area and by the ground relief peculiarities. That is why the growing demand and developers’ active attitude guarantee high growth rate for this segment in nearest few years.

In the sequel, when land market on the CSC is exhausted, the active development in the direction of the elite housing leasing is quite possible. Anyway, nowadays investment into luxury suites on the shores of the Black Sea is very practical and prestigious way to save and multiply one’s capital, because the distinctive feature of the luxury suite and other kinds of elite housing is the ability to let it on lease for the period when the owner is away. It is usually done with the help of a managing company which carries out such operations on behalf of the property owner.

Choosing a luxury suite, purchaser first of all chooses a place where he would like to spend his vacations. Beregovoe settlement on the CSC is truly a paradise. Even now you may choose luxury suite to your taste in one of two blocks of “Neptune centre” complex.

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