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Recreation area

    • private beach
    • two swimming pools
    • tennis court
    • weight room
    • playground
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The architecture peculiarities in the Crimean real estate

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The architecture peculiarities in the Crimean real estate

If you drive Crimean roads you will notice building sites everywhere. The larger is the city the higher are the cranes near the building sites. Which is no wonder, for it is profitable to invest into Crimean real estate nowadays.

The luxury suite complexes, mansions, new cottage settlements amaze with the architectural diversity. Here one can see not only usual square forms, but also pointed gothic style roofs, fantasy-like hills and corners, Byzantine towers and Tatar mosques.

In the course of history Crimea was owned by many conquerors, which left their trace in the architecture. That is why not only historical buildings of Genoese colony times, but new buildings also look on the world through the decorative windows in the “pinion wall”.

The restored mansions of the tsarist times are pleasant to the eye with their combination of gothic style (Haspra palace), Afro-Mauritian lacy walls (Dulber palace in Koreiz), romantic baroque style (villa Xenia in Simeiz).

Maybe the only historical reality that wasn’t embodied in stone as a Crimean real estate is the famous Crimean cave towns. Nevertheless along the shore the “ellings” (slipway-houses) multiply; there are the buildings of the Greek traditions, as seen from their name.

The features of the CSC landscape leave its trace not only on a building technologies but also on the Crimean new buildings’ architecture.

In the settlement Beregovoe a new recreational complex “Neptune Centre” is being built in the shape of two sails swelled by the wind. Such design choice was not accidental - elite luxury suite owners pay attention not only to the convenience and service, but also to the complexes’ unique architecture.

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