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Recreation area

    • private beach
    • two swimming pools
    • tennis court
    • weight room
    • playground
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Beregovoe at the Crimean Southern coast is little homeland of Neptune Centre

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Beregovoe at the Crimean Southern coast is little homeland of Neptune Centre

The Beregovoe settlement is situated to the west of Parkovoe settlement, in 10.5 kilometers from Simeiz, and is divided into two historically formed parts: the upper part is developed with single-storey estates, in the lower part there is seaside health-resort zone.

Not far from Beregovoe there rises legendary cliff Iphigenia, glorified by Euripides. The legend of Iphigenia tells us that once in Avlid during a sacrifice the huntress-goddess Artemis, patroness of the animals, kidnapped beautiful Iphigenia, the daughter of Troy war hero, Hellene king Agamemnon, and, having replaced her with a fallow-deer, brought her over the Black Sea to the Crimean shores.

The mount has its special charm, it attracts tourists and scientists with plenty of natural mysteries. Along the shore ancient volcanic (mid-Jurassic) massif covers more than half a kilometer.

With its outline the massif reminds menacing fortress. That gave a name to the whole area (Beregovoe was formerly named Castropolis; “castro” Greek - fortress). This area was called then Castropulo, which meant “small fortress” in Greek.

Today on the shore of the Black Sea the recreational complex of “Neptune Centre” is being built. Despite modern architecture, modern construction technologies and its purpose, which is luxury suite complex, “Neptune Centre” fits to this poetic landscape. If you decide to purchase luxury suite in this complex, not just you, but every your guest can approve your choice - quiet, wonderful and unique air, drawn from the aroma of Crimean pine, juniper and sea.

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