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Luxury suite sale

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Recreation area

    • private beach
    • two swimming pools
    • tennis court
    • weight room
    • playground
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Cottage, apartment or luxury suite?

Buy your own resort

Cottage, apartment or luxury suite?

Everyone who decided to buy some real estate in Crimea faces a choice what to buy and where.

At present the most popular positions on the Crimean real estate market are apartments or houses on the secondary market, apartments in the new residential buildings, cottages in the settlements under construction and luxury suites.

According to the Russian and Ukrainian press, the number of purchasers for new residential buildings grows. It is so because the most part of secondary market housing stock was built in the middle of last century or even earlier and demands serious renovation.

The real estate in Crimea is mostly purchased for spending a vacation, which means owners do not live in these apartments and houses, just come here for a vacation. That is why renovation is undesirable for purchasers. Newly built apartments also demand much attention; most of purchasers start with refit and decoration. But this kind of housing is more popular than the old ones. Developer now position apartments in the new buildings as the elite ones. As a rule, new buildings besides the traditional essential communications are provided with other services and conveniences.

Crimean real estate market observers also stress that most of the purchasers pay attention to the cottage settlements, where immovable property may be used both as residential and as a place to spend a vacation. Such settlements are not built up with chaotic variety of houses and fences. Everything is built in one style; the settlement is a complete complex with communications, services, security, resting zone and plantation. The advantages of the cottages are indisputable: one can live there practically in the open country and enjoy quiet, vast space with beautiful landscape and beach rest nearly in his own yard. Plus there are neither old nor new apartment houses nearby.

However, according to the experts’ opinion, the development of the cottage real estate in Crimea is held back with the lack of land fitting for such a building project.

One more type of Crimean real estate which is quite popular now is luxury suites. They combine comfort of the newly-built private apartment and of the well-attended cottage territory with a beach. They also spare you concern of your Crimean property while you are away.

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