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Recreation area

    • private beach
    • two swimming pools
    • tennis court
    • weight room
    • playground
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Foros is one of the most romantic places in Crimea

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Foros is one of the most romantic places in Crimea

Despite the fact that Foros is just a Big Yalta’s outskirts, spending vacation here was considered prestigious even back in Soviet time: it was popular recreation place for the party top and bureaucratic elite. That is no wonder for Foros is the most southern spot in Crimea, one of the most environmentally clean and warm places on the CSC.

Even today Foros is favored by Russian and Ukrainian businessmen and politicians. The majority of hotels in Foros are notable for high level of comfort and, consecutively, prices. Nevertheless, people keen on vacations at the cost of budgetary funds also may find here good opportunities for a nice seaside vacation: the private sector is quite developed and boarding houses are quite available, but they are not so close to the shore.

The main advantage of Foros vacation is of course the medicinal climate, sea-and-mountain air, nice sea and well-equipped beaches.

But the person willing to walk in a wonderful park or mountains, or take a trip to see some historical places.

One the most known Crimean health-resort real estate objects is the mansion of Kuznetsov who was famous tea and porcelain tycoon; nowadays it is one of the “Foros” sanatorium’s elite buildings. It is surrounded with the park which was also founded by Kuznetsov. On the area of 70 hectares more than 200 kinds and forms of trees and shrubs grow, majority of which are exotic ones. Thus here grow cedars, laurels, stone pines and cypress acclimatized amongst local natural forests. In the most remarkable place called “Paradise” there is a unified cascade of six pools, around which centennial cypress, yews, cercis and cedars grow.

High above Foros, not far from Baydarskiy pass on a Red cliff at the height of 427 meters above sea level there stands the Church of Resurrection built in Byzantine style at Kuznetsov’s cost in 1892. Baydarskiy pass itself is quite remarkable a landscape view as seen through the church gate’s ark. From the Red cliff where the church stands there opens up a magnificent view on Foros lying there down below between Chekhov’s and Nikolai’s capes near the picturesque Tihaya bay where the 6 kilometers long descending trail leads.

Foros is situated right next to the Beregovoe settlement, where one of the Crimean real estate objects is under construction - it is the “Neptune Centre” complex..

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