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Real estate in Crimea: history and today

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Real estate in Crimea: history and today

In tsarist Russia times Crimea was under active development. Some famous families in close relations with the tsar family were building their own real estate objects on the newly received lands in Crimea. These estates were either like summer dachas, or were intended for constant living and medical treatment.

After Bolshevist revolution all the Crimean real estate was nationalized. In the beautiful buildings the orphanages, soldier hospitals, later - clinics and sanatoriums for the Soviet republic people were being established. Unfortunately, nearly nothing has left of the original interior objects of these estates, and the rich and artistically valuable inner décor is lost without hope.

Dulber palace , was built in 1895-97 for the Grand Prince Peter Nikolaevich Romanov by the project of N.P.Krasnov, architect from Yalta. The palace was built in Afro-Mauritian style. Now it is the part of the sanatorium of the same name.

Haspra palace – was the estate of the prince Holitsin, built in a gothic style, it has a unique park with an artificial lake in which the jags of Ai-Petri are reflected. The visits to this estate were once a part of a recreational program of Nikolai I accompanied by V.A.Zhukovskiy. Much later it was a place where L.N.Tolstoi came to spend his vacation, Nabokov also was writing his poems here. At present it is one of "Yasnaya Polyana"sanatorium’s medical buildings.

«Khichkine»palace,built in pseudo-Mauritian style once belonged to Grand Prince Dmitriy Konstantinovich, an incorrigible romanticist. Everyone visiting this palace feels like visiting Sheherezada’s tales. The environs of «Khichkine» are quite picturesque. Nowadays here is situated one of the largest camping sites of the peninsula.

At Richelieu’s  is situated on the "Pushkino"sanatorium’s park territory in Gurzuf, approximately in 100 meters from the shore. At present there is an open for visitors Museum of A.S.Pushkin there, which is the part of Yalta’s Museum of history and literature. In this very house in 1820 the great poet lived three «happiest weeks» ” in the family of General N.N.Raevskiy.

Count Kuznetsov’s palace in Foros in tsarist times belonged to the famous tea and porcelain tycoon; nowadays it is one of the sanatorium’s elite buildings. It is situated in a luxurious park which was also founded by Kuznetsov in 1889 on the basis of local natural forests. The park spreads over the seashore hills and one of its sides ends at the steep shore while other borders Foros mountain’s foot. More than 200 kinds and forms of trees and shrubs grow here. The most remarkable place is in the middle part of the park and is called – «Paradise» There six artificial lakes are placed on different levels in a very picturesque way.

Count Ustinov’s estate in Massandra is now restored and is open for guests. A private hotel is established there at present.

Long gone are the owners, sometimes even their names are forgotten, but as we admire the architecture, landscape design and interior of these palaces, we thank to their creators for the pleasure to become familiar with the magic of Crimea.

In every modern health resort settlements of Big Yalta from Gurzuf to Foros one can find the old buildings, which are being restored with care, maintained and used even now. There are museums, Soviet times sanatoriums, sometimes private hotels are situated now in the old estates. And it is a pleasure, for Crimean real estate built in tsarist Russia times is now binds many generations together and still benefits and gives us joy.

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