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Real estate in Crimea. Tsarist Russia times

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Real estate in Crimea. Tsarist Russia times.

After Catherine II signed “The Manifesto” about annexation of Crimea by Russia in 8th of April 1783, active settlement of Crimea has begun. Tsar family members and nobles allotted with new lands at Crimea’s Southern coast started ‘building real estate’ as it is called now.

The building of cozy summer residences has started. Park building with fountain and alley design was entrusted to the best specialists. Some noble families settled in Crimean estates for a long period - they couldn’t help liking the combination of a mild climate, wonderful air mixed with the sea and juniper fragrance, and the absence of a city fuss. Moreover, Crimean medicinal climate was very fitting to many of well-known families’ members.

In this way many of still widely-known seaside estates appeared.

The most famous Crimean real estate objects built in tsarist Russia times are Vorontsovskiy palace in Alupka, Livadiyskiy and Massandrovskiy palaces, where the museums are established nowadays for everyone willing to feel the atmosphere of that times.

Livadiyskiy palace has belonged to the tsar family since 1860 and was the estate of inheritance. It was built by the project of N.P.Krasnov, the most famous Crimean estate architect of tsarist times. The palace was built so that it could be sunlit at most. The inner rooms with the large windows, stucco moldings and some details made of wood and Carrara marble give it an impression of grandeur and calmness. It was in this palace where the sessions of historical Yalta conference took place; one can know about it from the museum exposition.

Around the palace there is a Livadiyskiy park, which embraces an area of 45.7 hectare on the Mogabi mountain slope. It was created on the place of the Crimean Southern coast woods; over 400 kinds, variants and forms of trees and shrubs grow in there.

Right behind the Livadiyskiy palace the 6.5 kilometer long Sunny Trail (former Tsar Trail) begins. It goes through Oreanda passing the Krestovaya, Ai-Nikola, Khachla-Khayaksy, Pirojok mountain peaks, many sanatoriums and Lastochkino Gnezdo castle.

Massandrovskiy palace is the former residence of Tsar Alexander III. Three-storeyed building with plenty of external decor details and arrow-shaped turrets reaching upwards is buried in the park with palm and cypress alleys, with Lebanese and Atlas cedars, laurels and roses. The palace was intended for recreation; that is why there are no reception rooms or showy halls in it. On the contrary, it has small habitable rooms with low ceilings and cozy fireplaces of Crimean marble-like limestone.

Vorontsovskiy palace is a unique historic landmark of the early XXI century. Built in a period of romanticism it impresses the modern visitor with a bright originality of its architectural forms. Here one can find some feudal castle-like fragments as well as English-style airy courtyard, gothic pointed turrets which fit nicely to the view of Ai-Petri peaks, neat and always sunlit south-east front. Artistic image if the palace was heavily influenced with the passion to the literature of that time. When it was in construction there were popular both novels of chivalry by Walter Scott and wonderful Arabian fairy tales.

Nowadays, excursions and tours are made of the palace and the marvelous park - plenty of tourists come here from all over the world. Many guests as well as our nationals buy some real estate near the ones of the tsar period here in Crimea, including luxury suites.

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