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Tourist Crimea: the present and the future

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Tourist Crimea: the present and the future

The most popular tourism type in Crimea is the traditional one, which is now called health-improving. Beside medicinal climate, sea, air drawn from mountain forest and sea iodine, Crimea offers the visits to karstic caves where therapeutic treatment is held for the people with upper airways diseases and asthma. Also in Crimea the children with psycho-physical and locomotor apparatus disorder are treated with communication with dolphins and horses.

In 2003 in Yalta mineral spring was discovered. Its water was quite well named “Yaltusya”; health-improving tourists are already fond of it and use it so eagerly that it is planned to open more wells in near future to treat people with digestion problems, respiratory apparatus and metabolism diseases.

Beside medicinal climate and picturesque landscapes, which treat the very human souls, Crimea is full with places of interest. Among them there are marvelous palaces of tsarist Russia times, magnificent parks, unique cave settlements and many other historical sites of Greek colonies or Crimean Tatar times. Ethnic and ethnographic excursions gain more and more popularity nowadays.

Mountain hiking tours were always popular. It is still possible to find an experienced guide who would show the most beautiful places, where one can get only challenging some obstacles like cliffs, bluffs, brush woods and many dangers like falling into some unknown cave which are in abundance in the Crimean mountains. In Crimea there are everything one needs for mountain tourism - at the foothills and in the mountains there are many camping sites with modern equipment, including speleological one.

For children there are excursions to the “Fairytale glade”, Yalta Zoo, many dolphinariums which offer exciting programs with performing sea animals.

The sphere of water entertainment also advances: there appear plenty of aqua parks with water attractions not to talk about traditional beach amusement objects (slides, paddle boats and jet ski). Touring operators propose diving teaching, underwater hunting and yacht sails.

Mountain landscape and fantastic nature are conducive to air sport - gliders and hang gliders.

Also there are many other tourist business areas developing in Crimea, which would attract tourists not only in beach season: on Ai-Petri a hotel for winter mountain skiing is under construction as well as hunting game parks are being organized. Last autumn the director of Yalta Zoo announced his intention to create a safari-park in Belgorod region.

Transport conditions grow better in Crimea: capital’s press announces that there is a project for building 20 helicopter-pads in Crimea. Helicopters for this project are going to be constructed on the Kiev aircraft factory. Crimea has a great tourist business potential which now is in active phase of development. And it is another reason for purchasing real estate in Crimea.

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