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Crimean medicinal climate - a base for quality vacation

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Crimean medicinal climate - a base for quality vacation

It is generally known that the most remarkable thing about the CSC is its unique medicinal climate. That is why since olden times it was a real estate building site for the famous people, who unfortunately had poor health.

From the North the CSC is mostly enclosed with steep walls of the Crimean Mountains’ main ridge, from the South it is washed by warm Black Sea which is a temperature regulator for some extent: in winter it gives the warmth into the atmosphere and softens the frost, in summer it gives freshness, moderates heat and thus creates subtropical (Mediterranean) climate.

At the average 150 days a year average temperature is higher than 15 °C.

Through all the CSC favorable climactic conditions stimulate growth of the plants which purify the air making it medicinal. Crimean pine alone counts for a lot! In the Crimean War the wounded were operated under these pines for it was thought rightly that under these trees pathologic microorganisms perish.

Even in the cold period of the year in the Crimea sanatoriums for respiratory apparatus diseases treatment are open: the effect of the cooled air is more medicinal and hardening than that of the summer one.

Besides the medicinal air, drawn from the pine, juniper and sea fragrance, vacation on the CSC is valuable for plenty of positive emotions, what is undoubtedly one of the most important things for a good rest. That’s why picturesque landscapes could also be counted as having medicinal powers of nature.

The Black Sea itself is medicinal. The treatment with the sea (thalassotherapy) is pleasant and attractive medicinal and prophylactic procedure, which gives one a great emotional lift. As many research show, salt composition of the sea water is close to that of blood and histic liquids of human and can not be produced in a laboratory.

So, it is no wonder that many people recently invest their money into Crimean real estate purchase, for the comfortable vacation in Crimea becomes more expensive each year. It is the reason why investment into Crimean real estate is quite advantageous and profitable.

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