Нептун центр
Нептун центр
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Recreation area

    • private beach
    • two swimming pools
    • tennis court
    • weight room
    • playground

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Luxury suite sale

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Reasonable investment in the future

Buy your own resort

Reasonable investment in the future

Ladies and Gentlemen! Exclusive luxury apartments "Neptune Center" - a beautiful pearl of the Southern coast of Crimea, are waiting for their new owners in your face. Buying an elite resort property, such as our apartments, you invest your money in a long-term, quick payback and win-win project.

The unique recreational complex "Neptun-center", which is in the commissioning stage, attracts not only the refined connoisseurs and lovers of passive recreation on the Cote d'Azur with crystal clear, clear, blue warm water and tourists hunting for the wonderful landscape landscapes, formed in this unique place by the fantastic natural combination of the southern sun, the gentle sea, the mysterious mountain rocks and the blue sky, as well as amateurs of active rest, in particular, everyone who wants to go fishing house in the open sea on a barge, and, of course, refined gourmets who want to taste the delicacy of excellent fresh sea fish, which is found in this place in great abundance.

What kind of fisherman does not dream of such an opportunity to go fishing in such an amazing place, when everything is at his disposal - a ready equipped boat with experienced fishermen-instructors on board, all the necessary fishing gear and, most importantly - the abundance of the most diverse sea fish, as they say all tastes, which there are so many, that you will not have time to throw your fishing rods. There is also a mullet, and bulls, and large sturgeon, and flounder, and sea bass, and the famous salmon, and, of course, delicatessen trout with a unique refined taste, worthy of genuine gourmets. And all this abundance of fish the sea in this amazing place is just teeming with what is called.

If you or guests who rent your apartment, not fishermen, but just resting on the picturesque seashore, lovers of fresh fish delicacies, here, right at the foot of the complex, there is a fishing team where you and your guests can always be inexpensive order everything that your heart desires - from dried gobies to smoked sturgeon or flounder, freshly caught in the wild, clean sea water.

In other words, you and your guests can find here everything that you are unlikely to find anywhere else in the Crimea, meaning service, variety, accessibility and quality. And what are you waiting for here unforgettable walks on a boat and a catamaran, what unique and unforgettable selfies in the open sea against the background of an exotic rocky shore? Well, for a snack, in addition, there is another hobby for vacationers in the Neptune Center - it is the proximity of the legendary and famous count's spring with healing crystal clear water, located right near the complex with the prospect of bringing the source to the surface in the complex itself. This source has amazing healing and rejuvenating properties of the body, which is proved by scientific studies of this amazing water, carried out for a long time.

So, do not miss your unique chance to make a very profitable investment by investing your money in buying apartments of this unique resort modern complex, becoming the owner of beautiful and rare VIP-apartments on the azure coast of the South Coast. Hurry up, their number is limited.

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