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Recreation area

    • private beach
    • two swimming pools
    • tennis court
    • weight room
    • playground

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Real estate in Crimea: market propositions

Buy your own resort

Real estate in Crimea: market propositions

There are many reasons for growing demand for Crimean real estate.

Vacation in Crimea is not only a set-up change and immersing into pleasant sea waters and beach amusements, as stereotype tells us. The very staying in Crimea guarantees health improvement, lots of positive emotions and for those who like active vacations - a good dose of adrenaline. It determines the growing popularity of CSC for those willing to purchase some real estate.

Your own real estate in Crimea means comfort and confidence that the vacation will go as planned. Your own house may be fit and equipped as you wish and you can come here any time you want.

One more reason for quick purchase of real estate in Crimea is a limited coastal territory good for building and fast price rising due to the high demand.

Crimean real estate agencies propose objects in new buildings as well as on the secondary housing market.

The apartments in new buildings and in cottage settlements are bought eagerly. A little less demand there is for building plots, unfinished buildings and finished mansions outside cottage settlements.

Besides, it is very popular to purchase health-resort real estate which is usually bought not only for vacation or money investment, but also for profit. According to Ukrainian and Russian press, the profitability of a small hotel in a high season exceeds $ 500 a day not counting management company’s share. “Profitable” real estate in Crimea is proposed as ready hotels and boarding houses with complete infrastructure, green zone and views on the sea and mountains.

Boarding houses’ purchasers also pay attention to other commercial property: cafes, shops, storage rooms.

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