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    • private beach
    • two swimming pools
    • tennis court
    • weight room
    • playground

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Simeiz: diving, cliff-climbing, turquoise sea

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Simeiz: diving, cliff-climbing, turquoise sea

Since olden times people has thought the legends about beautiful places. Simeiz is a home of the legend of Diva, Monk and Cat (these are the names of the mountains near Simeiz). It is a story of a devil, who tempted a hermit. And there is really something mystical in this settlement: narrow streets, turquoise sea, emerald mat of greenery.

Simeiz (“a sign” in ancient Greek) is surrounded by mountains. Even near the shore there stands the cliff Diva and the remains of the cliff Monk, which was destroyed by the earthquake of 1927. Above the settlement rises the mountain Cat, which resembles this gracious animal ready to jump. Every tourist wants to visit the cliff Diva, to which our cinematographers took fancy long since: from this very cliff Ichtiander was jumping into waves in a romantic movie “Amphibian man”.

This place was favored by people since olden times: on the Panea mountain foot there lay ruins of the ancient Byzantine monastery. In XV century there was Genoese outpost.

On the mountain Cat the observatory of the Academy of Science of Ukraine is situated. It is famous for many remarkable discoveries. In this very place the new small asteroid-planets “Simeiz”, “Yalta”, “Haspra” and “Crimea” are observed.

Today like 100 years ago from the greenery of the parks show up white the towers of dachas with the romantic names “A Dream”, “Miro-Mare”, “Xenia” (last one was built by architect Krasnov, the author of the Livadiyskiy palace). The pride and ornament of Simeiz are the parks with cork and holm oaks, centennial laurels, stern cypress alleys and unique groves of wild pistachio and juniper.

The conditions for recreation and heal improvement (especially respiratory organs diseases) were created here naturally: dry and sunny days are predominant, mist and precipitations are very few. Average annual air temperature is higher than anywhere on the CSC, the winds are mild. Local air is unique even for Crimea for its richness with phytoncides. Autumn is especially magnificent in Simeiz.

Simeiz is traditionally a place for leisurely aristocratic recreation in contrast to fussy Alushta and luxurious Yalta. Unhurried walks on the secluded park alleys, beautiful mountain views, bright colors of the tender warm sea - all this makes this lyrical atmosphere.

Nevertheless, the modern vacationer is usually a young person; here one can dive with a scuba-gear (instructor’s help is provided), visit exciting water amusement park, try rock-climbing (here are some places favorite among the rock-climbers). History fans will enjoy visits to the ruins of the settlements of VI-II B.C. And the main thing is that after travelling and trainings one can enjoy the sea waves of the unique colour that it has only in Simeiz.

That is why the hotel business develops so actively in Simeiz.

Very close to the miraculous Simeiz, in mere 10.5 kilometers there lies Beregovoe settlement where recreational complex “Neptune Centre” is currently under construction; you can purchase luxury suite there today.

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