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Modern building technologies in Crimea

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Modern building technologies in Crimea

CSC is a land with a complicated landscape, seismic activity and subtropical climate. That is why building technologies in Crimea have some special features, different from that of the “mainland”.

Since 1968 when a monolithic ferroconcrete plate was placed under the basement of the “Lastochkino Gnezdo” and the whole construction was enclosed with anti-seismic belts, the technologies of projecting, basement and wall installation in modern Crimean buildings has greatly improved. Nowadays it is popular to place a monolithic ferroconcrete plate under basement, this technology is also used in construction of buildings’ supporting carcasses. It also makes the building process faster.

New décor and roofing materials, used in modern Crimean real estate building allow creating the true artwork: thanks to it nowadays along the coastline one can see pointed gothic and even fantasy-design roofs.

Inner décor of the new Crimean real estate is also has a reputation for diversity and depends on its new owner’s capital. In the outer décor, for example, there may be used pillars, snake-stone (diorite and plagiogranite) for coating and an artistic design of all the apertures (doors, windows, niches) in the arc shape.

But still, when building new real estate objects in Crimea new technologies use local building materials, shell rock in particular, such technologies as “Warm House” when it is warm inside in the winter and cool in the summer, and the walls and roof “breathe” thanks to the use of breathing membrane “Izospan” or its improved analogs (the construction lets air through).

Warm winter and hot summer add special features into the placement of communications and heating systems. For the most part there is no central heating in new Crimean buildings: compact electrical systems “DEVI” are responsible for room and water heating. The expansion of the individual building, including building on the foothills, raises new demands to the water-supply and sewage purification systems and wiring.

Since the majority of building sites’ purchasers are out-of-town citizens, the building is usually entrusted to some company that has the experience in building in hard Crimean conditions, know how to account the type of the ground, presence of the communications or their proximity, has the permission for all kinds of work. To choose on a building company market one needs to have the skills of a private detective, who can trace cleanliness and good conscience of the company. That is why individual building is not so popular nowadays.

Who doesn’t have to worry at all are the happy owners of the luxury suites under construction in the “Neptune Centre” complex on the Black Sea shore: new walls are raised by the most modern Crimean building technologies, compliance to which is under thorough control. On our homepage we periodically refresh photos showing the building progress of the complex..

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