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Sunny Yalta – the most attractive health-resort on the CSC

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Sunny Yalta – the most attractive health-resort on the CSC

Yalta is the most popular place in Ukraine to spend a vacation. The answer to its popularity is in Yalta’s location, climactic conditions and historical past of the city.

Yalta is situated on the bank of the bay that opens into the Black Sea. The city fills the large amphitheatre in the landscape, shielded from the winds with the mountain massifs of the Crimean Mountains’ main ridge. The climate in Yalta is subtropical one; that is why vegetation there is luxuriant and versatile.

With its annual number of sunny days (2250 sunny hours!) Yalta competes with famous European health-resorts Nice and Cannes. It is much more than in Sochi or Kislovodsk. Plus the air is cooled in a daytime with sea breeze filling it with sea salts and in a nighttime with a mountain winds with the fragrance of Crimean pine and juniper. That is why it is never too hot here, unlike Turkish health-resorts. Besides, it is not so humid here (about 50%) as it is in Sochi (70-75%).

It is Yalta’s unique climate what gives it so high a recreational value. Just staying there is so healthy that even in tsarist times people of famous families were building real estate here, they were coming here to restore their health, and sometimes settled here.

In 2003 a mineral water was discovered in Yalta, the name for it was found nearly at once - “Yaltusya”. It is rich in calcium, magnum and iron, contains iodine, may be used for the treatment of the gastrointestinal tract diseases, bronchitis, asthma, atherosclerosis, anaemia, early stages of the diabetes. It actively purifies the organism of residue, toxins and heavy metals’ salts, hardens the immunity. From the only existing pump-room it is taken up to 5 tons of mineral water a day. Soon 2 more wells will be made.

Yalta attracts vacationers who prefer developed recreational infrastructure (shops, cafes, discos. night clubs and elite restaurants), resources for having nice beach rest and active time (yachting, diving, mountain horse rides).

All of it makes Yalta unique place to spend a vacation. No wonder that Crimean real estate purchase, especially in Yalta, guarantees comfortable recreation and reasonable investment.

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