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Information about the Crimea, SCC

Recreation area

    • private beach
    • two swimming pools
    • tennis court
    • weight room
    • playground

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Sanatoriums, recreational complex of Crimea

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Sanatoriums, recreational complex of Crimea

The word “рекреация” ([rekreatsia]), popular nowadays, is translated from Polish as “recreation”, Latin meaning is “restoration”. Crimea offers us a perfect “rejuvenation”. For it is only here where the wonderful climate, diversity of geographic zones, presence of the mineral springs and mud lakes combine so effectively.

In Soviet times Crimea was all-Soviet health-resort. The Soviet workers were coming into the old noble’s mansions as well as in the newly built Crimean property to re-edify their health for future labor heroism. Today the development of health improvement & recreation and tourist complexes is the priority direction for Crimea, as it is stated in the “Crimea Development Program”.

The press informs that according to the polls among the Crimean scientists, the main reason for visiting Crimea as a place for a vacation is general health improvement, communication with nature, outlook broadening, meeting new people, exotics, recreation, entertainment, learning Crimean peoples’ culture, sport, visiting friends and relatives.

The diversity of recreation possibilities for the people of any income makes Crimea the most popular today. Nowadays people especially adore so called “health-improving tourism” as well as ethnic tourism. Also the air-sport should be mentioned, as well as growing number and quality of the water entertainment, speleological tourism, rock-climbing, equestrian sport and even mountain-skiing in winter.

The most “expensive” is staying in sanatoriums in Yalta, Sudak, Saki, Alushta and the most “cheap” is that in Kerch and Chernomorskiy, Leninskiy and Razdolnenskiy regions. Some time ago the price for vacation grew much slower than the cost price, but now many health-resort establishments, including the objects of government and municipal property, propose the conditions of “elite” and “deluxe” class for the price that the observers often consider to be too high. For example in some hotels with the system “all included” one can spend for staying about $400-$5000 a day, and the price for additional services is 10 times higher than in the health-resort settlements.

Formerly it was considered that one can restore his health only in 24 days, modern specialists state that the vacation should be divided into two parts for two weeks each. That is why the opportunity to take a vacation in any time of the year is very valuable.

It is your own real estate in Crimea what gives you the possibility to recover any time from the tense working days, to get filled with mountain energy or to relax in the sea waves.

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